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Boxerfit Bootcamp Course

One again Boxerfit will teach you all you need to know, to run a successful Boxerfit Bootcamp. The program includes modules on: Marketing ,Client retention, Options to increase revenue and much more

Boxerfit Bootcamp Training

The Boxerfit Bootcamp trainer course will teach you all you need to know to run a successful Boxerfit bootcamps. Our tried and tested formulas have proven again and again that we have it right. 

Pre Written Programs

Boxerfit Bootcamp programs, have helped thousands of Boxerfit booties achieve there fitness goals. With our formulated fitness programs and fitness tests, your clients can see there fitness levels sky rocket beyond belief. With the fitness test results to prove it!!

Boxerfit Business Training

One again the Boxerfit Bootcamp business training will teach you all you need to know. The program includes modules on: Marketing ,Client retention and options to increase revenue 

More About Boxerfit Bootcamp

Boxerfit Bootcamp's were established in the UK by our very own trainer Harry Escott, Boxing bootcamps or even bootcamps we'nt even a thing back in his time. Boxerfit's progressive six week program allowed the clientele to improve there fitness levels over this six week period before joining his Advanced Boxerfit Program. With a fitness test at the start of Boxerfit Bootcamp and a final fitness test at the end, his clients saw a huge improvement to there fitness scores and fitness levels. This success and word of mouth saw some of the biggest Boxerfit bootcamps in the UK attracting up to 140 clients per session, yes that's right 140. so with this formula you know your going to BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE 

Boxerfit Bootcamp

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