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Welcome to Boxerfit and congratulations on making the decision to be the best you can be.

I (Harry) and the Boxerfit team have been involved in the boxing and fitness industry since 1994

 Previous to starting Boxerfit in 1994.  I (Harry) was a professional boxer with a career spanning 10 years (the youngest professional boxer in Europe since 2nd world war at the tender age of 17yrs)

So with our vast experience and knowledge of boxing and the fitness game, I and the Boxerfit team have developed the Ultimate fitness boxing course for you.

In 2012 Boxerfit developed the Boxerfit trainer’s courses, with the idea of passing our knowledge and experience onto personal trainers and fitness instructors within New Zealand.

Since 2012 we’ve trained over 250 personal trainers and fitness instructors to be Boxerfit certified trainers.

Now it’s time to share our knowledge with you and the world (in this digital age).

This has been a very big challenge and transition, going from a fitness studio/lecture theater to a video camera lens. I hope myself and the Boxerfit team make you feel like we’re standing right next to you every step of the way…….  

Harry and The Team


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